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Could BTCBAM Become a Strong Alternative to BITCOIN?

BTCBAM coin is currently one of the 54 most reliable coins in the world, using the same algorithm as Bitcoin (SHA-256). While there are over 8 thousand coins / tokens in the world, it is one of the 340 coins using the blockchain platform.

Published onFeb 15, 2021 (Not yet released)
Could BTCBAM Become a Strong Alternative to BITCOIN?


BTCBAM coin is currently one of the 54 most reliable coins in the world, using the same algorithm as Bitcoin (SHA-256). While there are over 8 thousand coins / tokens in the world, it is one of the 340 coins using the blockchain platform. For this reason, it is taking firm steps towards becoming a new Bitcoin with its strong and secure infrastructure compared to ERC-20 based tokens that can be easily produced in the rapidly growing crypto money industry.


Kosovo-based Spektral Investment Bank is the first investment bank with technical and security-based capital. The Bank has a unique capital structure consisting of pre-valued exclusive license rights for pharmaceutical patents and calcite mines and pre-made reserve determination reports.

With 800 million EU in-kind capital, the Spectral Investment Bank prioritizes bio-medical and pharmaceutical innovation and tokenization of mining securities to provide solid guarantees for high-risk cryptocurrency-based operational leverages, thus offering a significant risk reduction for dynamic financial options. This is the first real-world example of an operational merging between a cryptocurrency investment bank and a blockchain project.

BTCBAM, one of the most successful blockchain projects developed by the Turks, signed a cooperation and collateral usage agreement with Spektral Investment Bank to establish Europe's first crypto investment exchange.

Spektral Investment Bank also provides in-kind collateral guarantees for the coin, which has a total of 7 block chains to be produced by the BTCBAM team.

Spektral Investment Bank acquired 25% of BTCBAM and Bitturex. In return, the Kosovo Investment Bank will provide full-scale project envelopes for each project to be listed on Bitturex.

The bank will also provide guarantees for tokenization of projects that receive crypto funds to maximize their commercial potential.

Where Can BLOCK CHAIN ​​Technology Reach With BTCBAM?

The rapid development of blockchain technology and their numerous emerging applications has received huge attention in recent years. The distributed consensus mechanism is the backbone of a blockchain network. It plays a key role in ensuring the network’s security, integrity, and performance. Most current blockchain networks have been deploying the proof-of-work consensus mechanisms, in which the consensus is reached through intensive mining processes. However, this mechanism has several limitations, e.g., energy inefficiency, delay, and vulnerable to security threats. To overcome these problems, a new consensus mechanism has been developed recently, namely proof of stake, which enables to achieve the consensus via proving the stake ownership. This mechanism is expected to become a cutting-edge technology for future blockchain networks. On this whitepaper, you will learn about proof of stake mechanism and BTCBAM coin, which has a blockchain algorithm and uses a proof of stake mechanism.


Although blockchain technology attracts a lot of attention due to the successful implementation of cryptocurrencies, its benefits extend far beyond. The key benefits of blockchain technology are as follow:

• Decentralization:

Blockchain networks are not controlled by a central controller. Thus, they do not have any single point of failure. Instead, all the nodes reach the agreement on the state of the network by participating in the distributed consensus mechanisms.

• Transparency:

Data stored in a blockchain is visible to all network participants.

• Immutability:

Once the data are stored in the blockchain, it is extremely difficult to be altered. Moreover, thanks to the distributed consensus mechanisms, the network can achieve consensus on the data even in a trustless environment.

• Security and Privacy:

Using cryptographically secure mechanisms, the privacy and security of the network participants can be significantly enhanced. Users in the network use a pair of public and private keys for identification and verification. When a user makes a transaction, a digital signature is used.


During the research and development activities that started 5 years ago, crypto money sector analyzes were made. As a result of these analyzes, two main points were determined as goals. The first of these was that in very few of the stock exchanges that provide trading services, the investment owner had its own crypto currency, and another was that coins could not find enough place in daily life. BTCBAM was built on the basis of these two goals and took its current form with the influence of other elements.

In this direction, the first step was to integrate the BTCBAM coin into life with its visa and master card features.

The BTCBAM Application is integrated with the BTCBAM coin and the exchanges it is traded on. Therefore, when you need cash, you can instantly sell your BTCBAM coins on the stock exchanges where they are traded and you can order to transfer them to your card with the mobile application when you need / want to use them.

BTCBAM Card is a prepaid card that is loaded with money (debit) before using it, can be spent as much as it is loaded, and allows you to shop advantageously with many member merchants. The loaded amount can be spent on the internet and at all POSs in stores. Money upload and withdrawal transactions can also be made from ATMs. You can also use it on crypto exchanges.


Coinpayments is The World’s Most Trusted Crypto Payments Partner. Over $ 10 Billion In Crypto Payments Since 2013. Now BTCBAM coin is also included in coinpayments as a payment instrument. Thus, primarily in the crypto industry as a clearing tool

Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify has added a series of acceptable cryptocurrencies in partnership with CoinPayments.

Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify has partnered with CoinPayments to allow its customers to pay merchants in more than 1,800 digital currencies as opposed to an older basket of only 300, based on its ongoing partnership with BitPay. The fact that the BTCBAM coin is low in Coinpayments will also pave the way for it to be a valid coin in the Shopify infrastructure.


Among the cryptocurrencies that offer staking services and have maintained this for a long time, there are Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM), EOS, Algorand (ALGO). In addition to these, Ethereum (ETH) is probably the most popular recently.

At the moment, 24 coins can be staked on the crypto money transaction platform Binance. These coins include Algorand (ALGO), TomoChain (TOMO), Harmony (ONE), DASH, Cosmos (ATOM), Polkadot (DOT) and Komodo (KMD).

BTCBAM coin is also among the coins with staking feature. Thus, it provides its investors with the opportunity to earn additional coins with staking, as well as making a profit by investing in stock markets.

BTCBAM coin, which is the first project of the BTCBAM team, will continue to bring new coins to the cryptocurrency sector with its strong partnership structure, Cryptocurrency Investment Bank partnership and guarantee, as well as its experience.

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